New Videos

New Videos

This has been a week of getting things organized and getting caught up on Stitch’n Travel chores.  I have been working on many videos and today I uploaded two of them for you to view.

Downsizing – TV Stand

Hope you found that as fun to watch as it was fun to put together.  Now please enjoy the second video I created that is in our Texas State Park Series:

Texas State Parks – Tyler State Park

I do hope you have enjoyed these two videos and know there will be more to come.

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Camping Packing Tip

Camping Packing Tip

While thinking about the camping trip this next week, I came across something really helpful.  It’s one of those Pinterest poster lists.  It opened my eyes to a couple of ways to pack the kitchen box!  I thought I would share it with you!

Source: Blog

This was pretty helpful for me, hope it was for you too!  I love Pinterest.

WiP Wednesday – Not Quite Embroidery With Ren – Week 6

WiP Wednesday – Not Quite Embroidery With Ren – Week 6


Unfortunately I have not been able to get much stitching done this past two weeks because Scott and I have been busy trying to do too many things at once and it is showing in what is supposed to be my home.  I have been able to get a little stitching done on one of my three commissions, not as far as I want to be.  Then there are the photos and videos we have started doing.  And then the three websites I work on daily, of which this is one of them.  I will be starting classes in WordPress Template Design soon so that isn’t going to help matters any!  But we are happy because we know where this will all end up; we will someday be in an RV traveling.

We have been downsizing again and this time it is getting rid of the storage unit.  Most of everything that was in the 5×5 unit is now somewhere in the apartment and that does not mean where it is supposed to go!  However, we have managed to let go of about 25% of what was in there and that is a good thing.  Fortunately we had a few things that could be sold to others and then some things were donatable.  The camping things have been organized and sorted so our packing for trips will be easier; I hope.  All we have to do now when it is time is to pull the totes we need and go.


As you can see we have a tent, three totes with kitchen things, tarps and such, and bedding.  The big red bag has our air mattresses, sheets, and pillows.  The bag is HUGE.  Because we are trying to use what we have, we haven’t purchased good sleeping bags yet so we are using blankets.  That is probably why I froze at the Palo Pinto Mountain State Park Star Party a few months ago.  If you will look to the left of last tote you will see there are two five gallon pails.  One is full of camping tools like hammer, rope, duct tape, ect…  the other are our electric cords and lights.  It is all neatly put away  so we can “bug out” quickly and beat the traffic out of town when we go on trips.

There is room for all of our coats and winter wear as well as things we need to store uptop.  When I told Scott it would all fit from the storage unit, I wasn’t 100% sure of it, but it is all going to fit!



Yes, there are still a few things that have to go in, but they will fit.  He has to go through and put his toolboxes together to see what is staying, but that is next month.  Next month that the $$$ will go toward saving up for an RV instead of a storage company.  That was well worth the purging and work.  However, there is still more work that needs to be done.

I am a stacker so I tend to get little piles of things that have to be gone through, sorted, and put away from time to time.  Because I get focused on the embroidery, current projects, websites or we are on the go, I don’t do it as much as I should.  I still have plenty of things I am not ready to get rid so they are stacked all at the end of my bed.  Hopefully this weekend will cure that.  We will be setting up the shelf that has been in the storage unit in the bedroom so I can get things up off the floor and go through it all.

It is a non-ending cycle for sure and I do not like it one bit, but I do like the freedom that comes with it.  How is your downsizing going?