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Take a moment to get to know us and where we have been getting us to this point in our lives. Before we began traveling as many places as we could, we would venture out here and there, but since 2014 we have really gotten lots of travel time in.

Why not take a moment and get to know us just a bit better?

State Park Project

In the fall of 2014 we decided to visit all 98 of the Texas State Parks. As we began to visit a few other places like California, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, we decided to just visit as many of the state parks across the United States. There are over 10,000 state parks across the United States; here's hoping we can visit them all!

Weekly Updates

Scott and I tend to find ourselves on the go every weekend. Those adventures range from something interesting in the town we are living in all the way to finding ourselves hundreds of miles from where we expected to be. Why not keep up with our weekly adventures by visiting our blog? You'll never know where we will end up next because we are never sure ourselves.