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Ren’s Artwork Page

Life is best lived with creativity and that is definitely something I am full of creativity.  Hand embroidery is my main medium in art. Having tried several techniques, I have found I am pulled towards the Counted Cross Stitch technique.  Being part of the Embroiderer’s Guild of America I am given many opportunities to try out styles of embroidery I have never even heard of.  Some of those techniques are, but not limited to, Mountmellick, Brazillian, and Needle Painting.  Not only am I an embroideress, but I am a crafter.  Many times I find myself thinking, “I can make THAT!”  I am not sure if it is because it is challenging or just that I am a glutton for punishment.



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Ren’s Photography Page

I like using Scott’s Sony A600, but I prefer using my Samsung Galaxy s7.  It has all the settings I need to make great photos and have some fun with, but I am not limited to just the professional settings you find on normal cameras. Using my phone is sometimes a challenge, but I ALWAYS have the phone with me and I never need special equipment.  I hope you are able to recognize my unique style and appreciate the humor I seem to have in many of the photos.



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Ren’s Selfies with Strangers Page

I wanted to do something fun and different with selfies to stand out in a crowd.  Knowing this can be difficult to do, I came to a decision to do selfies with others, mostly of who are basically strangers to me. This gives me an opportunity to meet new people and also to get to know them more than just , “Hey!  This is my waiter… my nurse… my….”  Meeting others and extending the hand of friendship is one of the things I like about myself.