50th Texas State Park and Loving Every Minute of It!

50th Texas State Park and Loving Every Minute of It!

Scott and I finally made it to our 50th Texas State Park, Pedernales Falls State Park, just outside of Johnson City.  We were able to do a little hiking and just enjoy being in the outdoors. While we were there, we took a few minutes and did a quick Outside Our Box so we could celebrate our latest goal achievement.

We had such an amazing time getting lost on the hike and seeing some of the Pedernales River.  The camping looked to be clean and comfortable so we will be looking to visit again so we can kayak the river eventually.

Thanks for all the support all of you have shared and all the encouragement.

Time For No Regrets

Time For No Regrets

 There are times have to go through frustration to find our strength and purpose.  We have been dealing with many health issues but are we going to allow them to stop us?  There are times it seems we will never achieve the things we want to because it feels too difficult, but that is when we find answers if we will just stop and figure out how to overcome it all.

Scott and I were both told by our parents to continue with the traveling and to do what it is we love.  This is what we love to do, but with us in our 50’s is it too late?  Take a look at the video and see what the answer to that is.

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Watch Out For the Gorilla – Ren’s Adventure in YouTube Vlogging

Watch Out For the Gorilla – Ren’s Adventure in YouTube Vlogging



Finding My Footing (11)

Seven days ago I decided to give vlogging on YouTube a try.  I have found something rather interesting; this form of journaling is amazing and extremely hard work.  When I started out I thought there would be no end to ideas and I would be able to churn them out day after day without any difficulty.  This is far from the truth.

I find myself spending hours thinking about what I am going to be discussing the next day only to find myself at a loss for words the next day when it is time to start filming.  Once I begin filming and talking I am having to work very hard staying on subject; I’m such a bunny trail kinda gal.  Once I am finished with the filming, I have to take the video and process it.  This is the time I decide what stays and what is deleted into the void.  I then add the extra photos and videos to the mix to help get my point across and then decide how to get everything to blend smoothly.  Now it is time for the music and making sure all plays out nicely; and FINALLY upload to YouTube.

I wait patiently for it to process by working on a thumbnail to creatively entice you to click it and watch that day’s vlog posting.  I also have to put in a good description of the video, hashtags, and tags so the search engines can locate it as you search them.  After it has posted, I find myself working on many other video projects as well as websites, and embroidery.  As I lay in bed trying to sleep, I am back at the beginning of the Vlogging Adventure and I am loving every minute of it.

Finding My Footing (1)This is the first time I have ever vlogged before so I am pretty much all talk.  However, if you want to know where I am coming from and why I am doing what I am doing, this is the post for you.  I explain about my fall and breaking my ankle/leg and all that fun background stuff.

The video quality is good except for the shaking.  Unfortunately there really isn’t anything that can be done about it because the shaking was the chair I was sitting in.  Every time I said anything with zest and zeal, the chair bounced.  Oh, dear me!  What an adventure.

Finding My Footing (2)I was able to get out of the house on my own and sit comfortably at the pool.  Unfortunately with the cast I was only able to sit.  I was able to do a nice video with a relaxed atmosphere without the bouncing of my chair.

I spoke about our adventure in preparing to move into an RV someday and how we arrived where we are now in a 547 sq ft apartment traveling all over the state of Texas.  It was fun because I was able to talk about the downsizing and add photos.    The artwork I made for the thumbnail was REALLY fun.

Finding My Footing (3)

When we got up Sunday morning I had visions of making a video full of driving, shopping, and restaurant action, but sadly, it was not the cinematic footage I hoped for, but it is kinda there.  By the time we were home I was exhausted and hurting.  However, there ended up being an excellent subject to vlog about.

The day was pretty much me going to get my hair washed and cut, lunch at a nice restaurant, a camera shop then home because my foot was swelling horribly.  It is another sitting and talking post, but plenty of photos and video.

Finding My Footing (4)

Getting up and heading out for breakfast was all we planned to do this Sunday.  There was so much more to be done than we expected.  It always shocks me when we don’t make plans but end up being extremely busy with spur of the moment plans.

We made a purchase to help us downsize more and the whole bit of activity was perfect for a time lapse vlog entry! How fun is that!  Plus I learned so much by the things I did wrong.  Isn’t that what it’s about?

Finding My Footing (5)

Monday was a bit of a challenge because I had a big chore of sorting, purging and putting things away; and I still have to do my daily vlog post.  Well, I did what every smart vlogger does and put the two together and did another major time lapse video complete with captions, photos, and chatting.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how well this video came out considering it was mostly me working on my sorting project, which I promised Scott I would have finished by the time he came home.

Finding My Footing (7)

This was the day I decided to sit down on the floor and go through a laundry basket full of little things that needed to be gone through and sorted.  Granted I didn’t throw much away, but I was able to give away a few things and put a few more things off for another day and another major sort.

Yes, there is a lot of talking in this post, but it has some really great tips and tricks I use to get through everything that is piling up and causing the mess we call clutter.

Finding My Footing (8)

Finally we come to today.  This was truly a bugger for me because I was not feeling up to sitting in front of a camera talking about my life.  I just wanted to take some meds and go back to bed; however, I knew I was committed to this so I got up and started blogging, but I did it pre-coffee. I am thinking this was part of the “bunny trail post” it hopped into.

However, with the magic of a delete button, I was able to sort through all the rambling and make something halfway decent.

I am not sure how long I will do this, but I have committed 30 days to give it a good test.  Maybe by that time I will have a better feel for it all and decide it is a good thing to continue.  Check it out and give me your honest opinion or suggestions.  And remember, if you like the video, give it a thumbs up; and don’t forget to share and subscribe!

Hahaha…..  I’m so obsessed.


Officially, I Fell Off a Mountain…

Officially, I Fell Off a Mountain…


Saturday, July 2, I “officially” fell off a mountain and broke my ankle.  In all honesty though, I simply fell off the sidewalk in front of our apartment.  It’s not as exciting, but I was lucky this did not happen while were bouncing around on top of the many Davis Mountains we were on in June.  A week and day later I was told that I will not need surgery and was put in a permanent cast for four to five weeks.  So we have decided to take a fairly long break (for us anyway) and not go to any new parks or camping in July and August.  This means we have plenty of time to do some housekeeping on the blog, photos and other website stuff.


In the Emergency Room getting the left ankle, left knee and left elbow checked out.

For those who have not worked on a website, housekeeping is something that is needed on a regular basis. Unfortunately, we have been on the go-go-go since we started this site and we never created a routine for how we should prep the photos, write the posts, create the videos, and so on.  Because of this, the site has never been 100% how we wanted it and we have a huge backlog of photos to be processed, which means I have a BUNCH of videos to make and upload.  I had no clue what I was getting into when we decided to put this thing together, but I wouldn’t not have it.  I enjoy seeing the things we have done, places we have been, and people we have met. I especially love meeting new people because we have made some really great friendships along the way.


Meeting new people is a highlight to our adventures. We have made so many great friends.

So, if it is so much work, why do we do this website thing?  I hear you asking it now; I honestly ask myself the same question when I sit down to write a post and cannot think of what to say!  We started this blog for me to have a venue for talking about hand embroidery and travel.  That is exactly how it began, but we decided to step away from that because it was just a “me” thing.  Scott and I had discovered the Texas State Parks and fell in love with them.  Of course then the whole Tiny House/RV living caught our attention and that was that.  We decided at that point we wanted to live in an RV and travel the United States, documenting our journey so others could keep from making some of the mistakes we had,  go to some of the places we had enjoyed,or have family keep tabs on us just seemed like a really great idea.  While looking into this we have found many other people and families do websites and videos giving us an example of what does and doesn’t work.  We have found some great inspiration from people like The More We Explore, Technomadia, Gone With the Wynns, Long, Long, Honeymoon, and so on….


Cordie, the slave driver dog, is telling me to get back to work on the posting.

A blog was pretty much all we had intended to do, then Scott found photography.  How lucky for me to have an endless supply of photos for the blog!  Eventually, we found those photos would come in handy to make videos of the places we had been.  I cannot tell you how many times we have searched YouTube for videos about different state parks, cities and things to do.  Even though we did not always find what we were looking for, we found ideas on what is out there and how we can share something different.  Unfortunately, this is not always an easy thing to figure out, but we are getting there.  Learning to do something new takes a lot of time, reading, and focus which all takes away from the housekeeping our website and photos.  As we have been doing the traveling, photography, and videos, we are seeing what works and doesn’t work for us. I do know we are not very good at planning for videos;  it never was something we thought about doing so we just took photos.  Since Scott got his camera, he is starting to think more along that line with photos but we both think so differently.  This is a good thing, most of the time, because he will take photos of the pretty things like flowers, birds and such, where I am taking photos of campsites, bathrooms, and other boring mundane stuff. It actually works out for us in the end, but if we would just start doing a bit more planning it would help us produce better content and quality. We want to make videos and blog posts we enjoy showing, but if they aren’t good would you really want to watch?  Yeah, you are just trying to be nice now.


Scott doing what he loves to do. I am so glad he does because I would rather sit pretty for the camera.

Since starting on this website, I have learned so much especially on how to set up a website from scratch.  I have found I appreciate those who know code better than I do, but I am determined to learn it if that is what it takes to make a quality site.   Scott has learned that less is definitely better than more in almost all walks of life.  He would take thousands of photos and never stop long enough to process them.  This has not only caused a huge backlog of things to do, but it has left him feeling overwhelmed and frustrated when I ask for a specific photo.  We, as a couple, have learned that getting outdoors and being active is awesome and makes us much happier.  Because we have found this and really believe it is a good thing, we want to share it with everyone we meet so we use the website, Facebook, and YouTube to help us get our message out. This is a lifestyle and we are embracing it, even if it means we have to stop and do a little housekeeping on a regular basis.


Enjoying sundown at Davis Mountains State Park.


Turning Your Dream Into a Goal


When we started this journey, we were just dreaming.  Nothing special, just dreamed of getting into an RV and traveling the United States.  However, it began to be more than just a dream last January when we decided to move from the 2,000 square foot house into a small apartment.  That was when it started taking the form of more than just a dream, but it wasn’t really much more.

July was a rather busy month for me because I began painting needlepoint canvases and I began doing direct sales for a company called Jamberry.  Taking the last part of July to learn about this direct sales business, I attended the national conference and learned so many things that would help me with my new Jamberry business, needlepoint canvas marketing and this blog!  It was exciting and scary all at the same time.  I would like to share, over a few posts, some of the things I learned in hopes that you will be as inspired as I was.

I want to discuss goals, our goals specifically, in this post.  Before I do, I am going to share the definitions of dream and goal because it will help you understand my use of the words; I also want to give some information from the conference.  Dreams are defined as contemplating the possibility of doing something.  Goals are an object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.  It may, at first, look as if these two definitions are the same only worded a little differently.  I promise, but the time I am finished with this post, you will understand why I see them differently.


Walt Disney said a dream is a wish the heart makes.  This describes it so well because when you are dreaming or wishing for something, there is only the thought; there is not a plan of action or knowledge about how you will reach that end.  Dreams have a very important place in our lives and we will all dream millions of ideas because we are beings of “if only.”  Think about it, how many times have you thought of an item that would make your life easier but you never followed through?  I have done this so many times and then forgotten it as quickly as I thought of it.  That is a dream or contemplation.

Dreams are important, don’t think I am saying they are not.  Without dreams there would be no phones, TVs, doctors, lawyers, and the list goes on.  It is when the dream becomes important enough to start thinking of a plan of action.  This planning is where goals come into play. You can make all the plans and be at a total loss of how you should follow through with those plans.  This is why we are told to write down our dreams because those dreams can quickly become plans which will eventually require goals. Hopefully this has helped you understand what I mean when I talk about dreams and goals.

So, the conference had many amazing speakers and all of them told how they had a dream to do or be something they were not at one time.  They then spoke about the plans they made and how often they failed, but kept looking at that dream.  One of the speakers said it was when she had failed for the third time that she realized she had to make a plan and for each step of that plan she made goals.  She said there was a goal for everything, every little step and they were all written down.  When she reached a goal, she crossed it off.  Often she had to reevaluate and tried something new to achieve that goal, but she achieved because she made little goals.  The goals were in place so she would know what she needed to do next; no excuses.

Excited about the information I learned at the conference I told Scott about it.  We decided it was something we needed to implement if we were going to succeed in our journey to be living in an RV full time, traveling the country.  Deciding we wanted to be in an RV within 18 to 24 months, we made a plan.  That plan was to focus on getting our finances in place.  We moved in April to this tiny apartment with the intentions of saving every month, but it has not happened because we didn’t make solid plans or goals.  Because of the lack of budget our money was telling us what to do instead of us making it do for us.  So the first goal over August and September is to do a regular budget each paycheck and stick to it.  If we fail, we do it again and again and again until we succeed.  It has been rough so far, but we have done better than in the past; but we are still failing at the moment.

Another goal we have, which is also related to money, is to stop eating out so often.  Not only does this cost us way too much money, it is bad for our health.  I have a gluten intolerance issue and I am allergic to the nightshade fruits/vegetables, this causes a lot of frustration for me when we go out to eat at new places.  Sure we know of some restaurants that are dedicated gluten free such as From Across the Pond in North Richland Hills, Texas.  This does not mean they are nightshade free so the frustration of eating out is still there.  Therefore, we have been working hard to have our meals at home and Scott takes his lunches.  It isn’t thrilling, but we both have lost weight and I have not had as many allergy issues.

Goals are important if you want to achieve your dreams.  The more specific you are, the less you have to figure out what your next step is so take a moment and allow yourself to dream, plan and achieve your goals.


We dream of traveling so we will take it step by step every day. (No, we don’t have the trike, but it is on our list of dreams!)