What A Crazy Transition!

What A Crazy Transition!

My last post here was in February when we came back from the Enchanted Rock trip.  I was a bit shocked at how long it had been because it has been an extremely busy and fast moving month or so.  See, we purchased our RV on February 24, 2017, and did a test run at Eisenhower State Park for Spring Break, but never returned to reality!  I know, shocking!

We met with a man in Krum, Texas, who had a 1982 El Dorado Firenza for cheap and the bones were good and so was the engine.  It was originally from Alaska and the man he purchased it from had done some basic work to it but eventually decided he just didn’t want to continue the work.  We looked at it and thought this might be a great opportunity and bought it.

 There were so many things we didn’t like about the RV and they were just cosmetic so we decided to do some major changes on the inside.  We took out the bathroom for future plans later, the wall between the kitchen cabinet, the kitchen cabinet, the stove area, and the ugly 80’s couch looking thing.  We decided it all had to come out to fit what we needed it to be so we took a sledge hammer and began knocking out walls, counters, stoves, and couches.  Like I said, good bones, scary interior.

The floorplan was pretty much for a double bed-marine shower set up and we needed a space for two twin beds, kitchen area, and a sitting area.  So we decided to take out everything except the closet area and bed space.  This left a very big area to do what we wanted.  We were actually able to get the two twin beds in and get it somewhat ready for basic living.  This doesn’t mean we were able to get cabinets, counter, bathroom, or pantry in yet, but it is a work in progress.  At this point in time, we are paying off some bills and getting money situated so we can take a full two weeks to finish the rig, but that is more towards October at this point.  We are just living day to day.

During the demolition, we have found some pretty interesting things about this rig.  It was paneled with some 1980’s wood looking paneling, the ceiling was covered with wine-colored velour that was tufted with giant velvet buttons, had a rather odd sepia colored wallpaper and orange-red carpet.  It definitely brought back the 80’s and caused me to question my thoughts about taking it back to its original interior.  The answer would be “no, not a chance.

Because we were set up to spend a one-week spring break tour with Eisenhower State Park in March, we decided to just take the full week to live as we would full time.  This was where the “sudden” happened and we found ourselves in a whirlwind of change.  I packed everything we thought we would need from food to clothing, seating to entertainment, and It was one big mess, but we were packed and we headed off on, what I thought would be a two-hour drive.

It took me almost five hours to get to Eisenhower State Park from our apartment in Bedford, Texas because the side mirrors were not working.  I would get them into place only to have the wind from driving push them back to where all I could see myself.  This was not going work for my safety or anyone else’s.  I stopped to have Scott help me get the mirrors right and was off again. The driver side mirror acted correctly from that point, but the passenger mirror would not stay in place.  This meant I was either having to stop every time it did this, meaning I was stopping every five to ten minutes.  I ended up driving in the right lane at 55 mph extremely stressed because I could not see anything but my own reflection in the right side mirror. I know, stupid decision, but the girls and I made it safely to the parking lot of Eisenhower State Park.  I stopped, got out, shut the door when the driver’s side mirror crashed to the ground.  I was relieved to be there in one piece.

Once I was signed in at the office, I was given my spot and what a beautiful sight it was.  I was given a pull through which meant no backing in with the two useless mirrors.

This was the second weekend in March and spring break was in full gear, come to find out it was the first of three weeks called Spring Break and I was only supposed to do one week.  I contacted the Park Host Coordinator, Kate, and she was shocked to find I was scheduled for the full month of March!  Wait, we weren’t supposed to be full time Park Hosts until June 1!  Something was not right. Scott and I discussed what we were going to do and we decided we would give a 60-day notice to our apartment and move out.  Obviously, the park needed us and we thought we were ready for the move.

We took the last week in March and packed up the apartment.  Fortunately, I was able to go through all of my personal stuff over the previous six months and was down to what was going into the RV and two totes which sent into storage.  Scott had been busy working and was not as fortunate so most of his things went into storage along with the items we both were not ready to let go of.  It had been a rough time, but we were done and out of the apartment.  We had lived in a 2,000 square foot house, moved to a 547 square foot apartment, then lived in only the 14′ x 12′ bedroom plus the bathroom and kitchen, now we though we were ready to move into a 25 foot RV.  Our world was not only going to change, but it was going to change in a way we were not really prepared for.  They say March comes in like a lion and exits as a lamb, this would not be so for us and we had no clue what was getting ready to happen.

To be continued.






Downsizing By Numbers

I was online watching a few YouTube videos about downsizing when I came across Margaret Manning  discussing her downsizing experience and how she what she took to her new home. One of the things that never occurred to me during our downsizing (both past and current) was taking a specific number of items instead of taking only the things that will fit. When I started thinking about it that way I didn’t feel quite as overwhelmed.

I am thinking about giving it a try by writing down what I would want to take for ourselves and for the household items. This way I can see if it might be something we would want to do or not. In order to do this, even as an experiment, I need some rules. I am rule crazy, if you hadn’t noticed by the “Texas State Park Adventure.”

1. If it comes in a tote and makes sense, it is considered one. (embroidery tote – one; sewing tote – one; Scott’s photography tote – one; Scott’s instruments – one each, guitar – 1, banjo – 1, tin whistles in tote – 1; ect….).

2. 50 items for the kitchen, 50 items for the house, 50 items for me, and 50 items for Scott.  This may change depending on if we need fewer house items, more kitchen items.  Who knows, this could give each of us more personal items.

3. There must be a thought of where these things will be stored and how they will be used.  Can they be used in only one way or more than one way?  Do we really need that item or is there a way to use something else?

Thinking about this already, I am beginning to question the number.  Are clothes included in the household number?  Personal number?  Does there need to be another number added?  There are so many possibilities with this.  I do not feel overwhelmed or stressed out about it in anyway at the moment.  That may change as I am playing with this thought, but right now I feel more confident and willing to let some things go.  My mind is already spinning trying to think of ways to bring everything I want to take.

One of the things I am thinking about is all of my art.  I have been collecting other people’s hand embroidery for some time.  I would miss those but there just isn’t going to be enough wall space for it all.  I also have artwork from my children when they were young and my grandchildren, but I do not want to let go of those things because they mean so much to me.  Then I realized I have an digital picture frame. This has helped me decide to pass on my art to others.  That frame and the data disks will be the first thing on my list.

Some of my embroidery and other's work.

Some of my embroidery and other’s work.

Going back to Margaret’s video, what would be the three items I would take with me if I were to run away with just those?  I would take my hand embroidery tote, my Chihuahuas, and Scott. Yes, they are alive, but I get puppy cuddles from the girls and Scott would take his guitar so I would have music!    Seriously, that is what I would take.  What would take and why?

Our Chihuahua girls, Cordie and Snickers.

Our Chihuahua girls, Cordie and Snickers.

For more information on Margret Manning and her website, click on YouTube or Sixty&Me.

Until later,